The Power of Gratitude

It’s been a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! My home was filled with family, conversation, and laughter. I had all of my children at home and my dad spent the afternoon with us. There was an abundance of food and everyone is healthy. I am grateful that here, in Arizona, we have fewer restrictions around gatherings. As a result, no one was left out of our Thanksgiving celebration.

I sent and received text messages throughout the day! Even in this time where we can feel somewhat disconnected, I realize we are still so very connected. I loved hearing from friends and receiving their authentic and loving responses to the messages I sent out. My heart is full and overflowing.

Today, in America as we celebrate Thanksgiving, we focus on gratitude and as a result, we feel more joy, love, and friendship. How could our lives change if we we spent time each and every day focused on gratitude? Even in the most challenging of circumstances, one can always find something to be grateful for. Gratitude is a powerful tool for reframing our mindset, emotions, and shifting our vibration.

I recently began a gratitude journal. Each day, I fill one page with all of the things I am currently grateful for. Once I’ve filled that page, I fill the next page with all of the things I desire as though I already am in possession of them. This is a “Law of Attraction” principle. I write in my journal, “I am grateful for…” As I fill the page, my excitement to start my day and complete all of the activities that will lead to the achievement of those goals, is heightened. I am filled with energy and my creativity is activated. I begin to receive ideas that create forward movement.

What’s been your experience with gratitude? Does it serve you? I find that when I start my day with gratitude for all I have and all I desire, that I tend to give more of myself throughout the day. Acknowledging my gratitude and recognizing all I have to be grateful for is one way I can honor myself and fill my cup in such a way that I can easily sow into others without feeling spent at the end of the day.

Perhaps today, Thanksgiving Day is the perfect day to create a new daily habit around gratitude. It only takes a few minutes and it could very well change your life.

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