Stuffing Stockings this Year?

Christmas has become a time for gratitude and giving. For me, that gratitude and giving is felt deep in my soul and when I still myself and reflect upon it, I can feel the emotions bubble up and overflow. When I reflect upon Christmas’s past, I can’t help but recall 2014…

My husband was laid off from work, we were focused on completing our Financial Fitness Program and paying off our overwhelming amount of debt, and there wasn’t enough money for our bills let alone filling the stockings. I kept the kids home from school on the day of the Christmas parties because we couldn’t afford to send in the $5 gift for all of them and a donation for the party. Our Christmas dinner was courtesy of St Vincent de Paul and despite being told our children would be receiving donated gifts, there were none under the tree. I sat down at my computer and put creativity to work and made gift certificates for each of my children. When I think of that experience, I am so grateful for it and I have even more gratitude and joy for giving today as a result. Recalling the hope that a Christmas Angel would appear with a few gifts fro the kids and feeling the disappointment of that not happening, my joy and capacity for giving has increased tenfold. That experience continues to remind me why Cheap Mama came to life.

The fact that we’ve changed our story doesn’t take away from the reality that hundreds of thousands if not millions are experiencing a similar story this Christmas, especially considering the number of job losses and businesses that have closed. It also doesn’t change the fact that the only way to prevent a rerun is to spend less and save more. In the spirit of giving, I thought I’d search out some great stocking stuffers under $10 that also offer cash back on the Life Super App. Use of the app at the stores and/or their websites for Christmas shopping and “back-to-school” shopping has enabled me to purchase extra gifts, enjoy a family night, and travel on a shoestring budget, all while putting money back in savings and in my dream vacation account! Here’s a start at gifts under $10! Another hint – shop theses stores at your local outlet mall for even more savings!!

1. Visit American Eagle Outfitters for this cute Bandana Mask & Scrunchie! With masks becoming the norm for the foreseeable future, I know my daughter and I are going to want to to do a better job of accessorizing our outfits with them! With the Super App get an additional 5.4%+ immediate cash back!

2. Who doesn’t love stocking up on Bath & Body Works fragrances? They have great new promos daily and today’s is all about filling the stockings with goodies! $2.75 for over 140 different items! Keep in mind the limit is 20 and they seem to sell out of the best of the daily promo deals! Pay at check out with the Super App and receive an additional 5.4% or more in cash back rewards!

3. My kids are always losing and breaking their headphones and with distance learning the norm, they are going through tons of them! Here’s a perfect stocking stuffer that won’t break the bank! The Sony EX14AP Wired Earbud Headset can be found for only $7.49 at Best Buy! Best Buy offers 0.4% and up when you use the the Life Super App at check-out!

This is just a start! If you plan on shopping outlet malls, here are some other stores that you will commonly find there that offer benefits through the Life Super App when you shop.

This is just a start! If you plan on shopping outlet malls, here are some other stores that you will commonly find there that offer benefits through the Life Super App when you shop. Adidas offers 2.7% +, Aeropostale is offering 50%-70% off storewide and you can collect another 5.4% + at checkout through the App! While supplies last both Burlington and DSW are offering 10% + cash-back savings with the Super App! Many stores including DSW and Ulta (who offers 5.4% + with the App) are also offering discounts when you shop online and utilize curb-side pick-up!

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