Politically Motivated Marketing

My good friend, Belen Vallejo is a talented web-designer and brand strategist. She truly embraces her creativity and is on top of the trends when it comes to all things marketing. I sat down with her and discussed the current trends to support my viewers and to satiate my own curiosity around how to step into social media marketing.

The current political climate is polarizing and picking sides has created an opportunity for companies and influencers to gain loyal customers and followers. Be sure to listen to the full episode to discover the pro’s and cons of politically motivated marketing on The Cheap Mama Life Podcast to maximize your impact and avoid the pitfalls that this strategy can create.

I discovered in our conversation that companies large and small are choosing to target market based on an individual’s political beliefs. And, although some are in alignment with the beliefs they portray in advertising, others may tailor ads to attract you to their product or services and display different ads that target another side of the political spectrum. This means buyers may not necessarily be aligning themselves with like-minded companies the way they think they are. Another strategy that can be used both effectively and ineffectively is aligning oneself with a cause.

Overall, there are many reasons to step into this current trend and take advantage of it, however it’s important to consider the possibility of consequences down the road. And more importantly, authenticity to yourself and brand remains the most important element when it comes to marketing.

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